Portfolio Management

The Stock Market should “not” be a game of chance, it goes up (Bull) and Down (Bear)

  • Since 1932, 45% of the stock market growth has come from dividend income. We create your income streams from your wealth through the payment of dividends; which are paid to you no matter whether the market goes up or down. We target a total return (both growth and dividend income) of approximately 12% average gain over a two year period.

  • As an investor, you need to invest into companies that are earning money. You are entitled to a proportionate share of profits in the form of dividends. Dividends are normally generated by companies that produce products that people need (i.e. Food, utilities, gas and medicine). The profits and dividends of those companies are normally consistent.

  • Trust, quality and service are all the essential ingredients to create a steady flow of income to maintain your lifestyle. We realize all gains, we do not reinvest your dividends, and we take them in cash and harvest them in money market funds. We seek to create our clients a Cash-Cow.