About Michael M. Smith

Michael, certified financial planner,  founder & CEO of ProFocus, Inc. began his career in the financial management profession in 1981. Working with one of the top retirement and full-service 401(k) companies in the U.S., he created customized retirement plans for medical and high-net-worth professionals. At ProFocus, Michael will diagnose his clients, make prudent decisions and identify goals. Michael manages and minimizes debt and constructs a dividend-paying portfolio that you can live on for life. He is a true capitalist!

Additional Education and Experience:

  • B.S. Business Administration

  • College of Financial Planning

  • Honorable Discharge United States Air Force

  • Former Treasurer of Phoenix IDA Board

Successfully Completed Projects:

  • Developed Burlington Woods; a Subdivision in Historic Williamsburg, VA.

  • Ahwatukee Executive Offices was established in 2009. AEO is a state of the art Class A building providing full service executive office suites.