Our Approach

Many approaching retirement prefer to dramatically decrease the volatility of their portfolio. Most remove a large portion or all of their investment assets from the stock market, electing to invest into bonds and annuity contracts as a safe haven. At retirement most corporate pension plans offer a monthly or lump sum payout, the monthly payout (annuity) is based on approximately 2% of your retirement account value. Once elected, most payouts remain level for the duration of your life or your spouse’s life. Whether you’re retired or not, the economy will continue to chug along as it has since the 1900’s. The cost of living will continue to eat away the earning power of your dollars. The  payout loses value the longer you live. Inflation doesn’t stop because you’re retired! Our income and growth approach is designed to assure that you will not run out of money during your lifetime, whether retiring in your 30’s or your 60’s. Our income and growth strategy has provided our clients approximately a 5% payout. In addition, the growth portion has outpaced inflation with an average return of 6%. (see graph below).

We focus on needs and services such as utilities, energy, and communications. These types of dividend paying investments are too vital to fail. These along with a portion of sideline investments have created a growing income stream for our clients. We will map-out your retirement years, while maintaining growth to keep up with this ever growing economy.

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